CISS Products

Chemical Imaging Innovation, Applied.

We’re not just leaders in chemical imaging technology; ChemImage Sensor Systems is a subsidiary of the company that invented it. (ChemImage Corporation)

No wonder we’ve been able to apply our thought leadership in chemical imaging, filter technology, analytical software development and substance identification and discrimination to the on-going challenge of CBE detection and counter IED.

CISS: Threat Detection Products

Our flagship products, VeroVision™ and LIGHTGUARD™ were developed to address the exigent need for capable, in-the-field portable and fixed standoff threat detection products.

Chemical and Biological Analysis

  • Object recognition/screening
  • Law enforcement applications
  • Laboratory research: physical and analytical
  • Sensor networks
  • Video surveillance

Defense, Security, Law Enforcement

  • Advanced imaging and screening
  • Night vision systems
  • CBE applications

Cameras and Imaging systems

  • Machine vision systems
  • Other camera/imaging systems
  • Spectral imaging cameras

Detectors, Sensors

  • Hyperspectral, multispectral
  • SWIR, NIR and VIS Image sensors

Electronic, Digital Imaging

  • Image processing software
  • Algorithm development for spectral libraries


VeroVision is a unique portable Near Infrared (NIR) hyperspectral imaging (HSI) sensor that provides real-time, standoff, detection capability.

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The VeroVision Mail Screener was specifically developed to help improve correctional facility safety by detecting drugs and common cutting agents that attempt to enter their facilities via the mail.

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LIGHTGUARD from ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) provides reliable real-time standoff detection of explosives, chemical threats and narcotics on the surfaces of vehicles, personnel and other items.

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