ChemImage Sensor Systems to introduce Portable Raman Analyzer with Dual Excitation Wavelength Capability at SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2014

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PITTSBURGH, May 5, 2014 — ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) announces that it will be introducing the Agility™ Dual Band Portable Raman Analyzer at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing (DSS) meeting in Baltimore, MD

This instrument, developed in partnership with BaySpec, Inc. is the first Raman analyzer to allow the operator to select an excitation wavelength that is appropriate for the sample matrix being analyzed.  In particular, effects of sample fluorescence and luminescence can be minimized by using excitation at 1,064 nm when necessary, yet sensitivity and sample throughput can be maximized by excitation at either 532 nm or 785 nm.  All of this is available in an instrument that is equally at home in a fixed, mobile or field laboratory.

“Addition of the Agility™ portable Raman Analyzer to the CISS portfolio provides a complement to our existing standoff sensor systems for the detection of explosives and illicit drugs” said Dr. Matthew P. Nelson, Chief Scientist and CISS Business Director.  “We are looking forward to discussions with the user community at the DSS meeting on how the Agility™ can meet their needs for a portable point threat detection system.”

“Working with CISS to bring the capabilities of the Agility™ family of instruments to the defense, security and forensic detection markets is a partnership that is bringing dividends to both of our organizations” commented William Yang, President and CEO of BaySpec, Inc. “We look forward to providing instrument systems that provide real tools for law enforcement, checkpoint screening and forensic examination”.

SPIE DSS is the industry’s most important scientific conference and exhibition on optics, infrared imaging, lasers, and sensing for defense, security, industry, healthcare, and the environment.

About ChemImage Sensor Systems

CISS develops innovative products that utilize patented imaging capabilities and leverage current in-the-field technologies to address the ever-changing landscape of chemical, biological and explosive (CBE) threats. CISS has developed a series of chemical imaging sensors for point, proximity, remote and standoff detection and identification in both fixed site and on-the-move configurations, in order to protect military troops, security personnel and citizens. For more information, visit the website at

ChemImage Sensor Systems is a subsidiary of ChemImage Corporation, a leader in chemical imaging technology and instrumentation.

About ChemImage

ChemImage Corporation, a leader in hyperspectral and Raman chemical imaging technology provides innovative instrumentation, analysis software, contract services and expert consulting to government, industrial and academic organizations. The company’s proprietary, state-of-the-art imaging technology has many applications, including defense, security, pharmaceuticals, forensics and biomedical diagnostic research, which can reveal critical chemical and biological information from a variety of material systems.

ChemImage’s headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA, where it pioneers research and development, as well as providing engineering and manufacturing which develops innovative products for the global marketplace.

About BaySpec

BaySpec, Inc., founded in 1999 with 100% manufacturing in the USA (San Jose, CA), is a vertically integrated spectral sensing company. The company designs, manufactures and markets advanced spectral instruments, from UV-VIS Spectrometers to NIR, SWIR and Raman Analyzers, Hyperspectral Imagers and Raman Microscopes, for the homeland security, military/defense, forensics, R&D, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, chemical, food, semiconductor, and the optical telecommunications industries.