CISS introducing their latest product, the Aperio

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ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) will be introducing their latest product, the Aperio handheld Short-wave infrared (SWIR) hyperspectral imaging (HSI) sensor, at this year’s SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Exhibit. This product is the latest addition to the CISS threat detection portfolio.

Aperio (which means to uncover, reveal or make clear) is a unique SWIR HSI handheld sensor that provides real-time, standoff, detection capability. This sensor was specifically developed to help address the growing need for portable, safe and easy to use sensing technology for military, public safety, explosive ordinance disposal, and law enforcement personnel to screen for chemical threats, explosives, and narcotics.

Designed with safety of the end user in mind, the Aperio allows users to detect threat materials from a range of up to 20 meters away, and does not require the use of reagents or lasers in order to detect materials of interest. This system is completely portable, with an integrated battery that will provide you with up to 5 hours of operational detection time, making it ideal for situations that require quick screening of an environment that may not have an auxiliary power supply available.

The Aperio real-time standoff imaging capability allows users to screen for and detect threats quickly, in a lightweight, handheld sensor configuration.  Aperio provides wide-area imaging, rather than point detection, which gives users rapid access to visual information about where the threat is located, improving situational awareness and shortening response times.  While target material concentrations often vary,  Aperio can detect surface molecular materials at bulk and residue levels.

CISS is a proven leader in providing Chemical Imaging based optical sensors that can rapidly and accurately detect and identify a wide variety of hazardous materials. Working in collaboration with several U.S. Government agencies, CISS has continually demonstrated hazardous material detection systems, without the use of reagents in order to address the growing need for standoff detection.

For more information on CISS standoff detection systems, visit booth 1838 or contact Steve Mitts, Business Development Manager at:

About ChemImage Sensor Systems

ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) develops innovative products that utilize proprietary chemical imaging technologies to address the challenges associated with chemical, biological, and explosive (CBE) threat detection. CISS has developed a portfolio of chemical imaging sensors for proximity, remote, and standoff detection in fixed site, on-the-move and handheld sensor configurations.
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ChemImage Sensor Systems is a subsidiary of ChemImage Corporation, a leader in chemical imaging technology and instrumentation.